Points-based immigration system to reduce number of low-skilled migrants entering UK will start next January

THE Sun has long campaigned for Britain to control immigration while welcoming those whose skills we need.

The new Cabinet­ ­yesterday agreed how to make it happen.

A points system will assess each migrant’s talents.

If they meet the threshold and have a job offer paying over an estimated £25,600, they will be let in.

Low-skilled immigration will be slashed.

Total numbers will fall.

This is what Britain voted for.

Even the promise of it has calmed anxiety over immigration since the referendum.

So it is incredible to see Labour still champion free movement, even outside the EU.

Even more so to hear immigration control branded “racist”.

It is literally the opposite.

We will no longer block skilled staff from India or Africa while admitting anyone from the EU.

Boris Johnson now has a Cabinet focused, as one, on forging our new path as an independent nation.

Unity of purpose seems to win elections.

It’s the best way to get results too.

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