With tickets costing $580,600 per couple, Trump’s Saturday fundraiser will be his most expensive yet

If you want to attend President Trump’s Saturday night fundraiser in Palm Beach, you better sell that old Renoir on the wall, quickly marry an oligarch, sell a kidney to a despot who really needs it, or ask Mike Bloomberg for a loan.

The $580,600-per-couple event will be held at the beachfront home of billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, and is Trump’s most expensive fundraising event since he took office, The Washington Post reports. The invitation promises dinner and a photo with Trump, the Post reports, and a Republican National Committee official said 30 or so guests are expected. This event will bring in more than $10 million for Trump’s re-election efforts.

Since October 2017, Trump has attended at least 48 dinners and roundtable discussions with top Republican donors, the Post reports. Tickets to all of those events started at $50,000. Campaign officials told the Post that while the Secret Service does do background checks, the White House doesn’t vet guests.

The Post points out that in 2016, Trump called out his fellow candidates for courting wealthy donors, saying, “Somebody gives them money — not anything wrong — just psychologically when they go to that person, they’re going to do it. They owe them.” Republican National Committee spokesman Mike Reed told the Post Trump is “the most accessible president in history,” and “these roundtables, which previous presidents attended as well, are an opportunity for our supporters to get an update on the campaign and his record as president, all things the president discusses publicly all the time.” Catherine Garcia

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