First Pininfarina Battista Test Mules Released On Track, Production Starts Late 2020

Automobili Pininfarina has begun testing a number of Battista mules on track, ahead of the electric hypercar’s production launch later this year.

The Pininfarina Battista is being developed with the help of former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld, who will also assist customers in familiarizing themselves with their new electric hypercar. Development is headed by Rene Wollmann, whose resume includes cars like the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive and, more recently, the upcoming Mercedes AMG One hypercar, for which he was project leader.

“The mule vehicles running the chassis and powertrain concepts for Battista have already achieved 80 per cent of their performance capability without issue. This means that our EV performance is already equal to the most powerful combustion engine-powered hypercar currently in the world,” said Wollmann of his new baby.

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“And in the simulation and wind tunnel testing phase, by fine tuning the aero packaging, we’ve already seen a significant increase in the potential range of Battista versus our original prediction,” Wollmann added.

The upcoming Battista will feature a Rimac-sourced EV powertrain that includes four electric motors producing a combined 1,873 HP and 1,696 lb-ft (2,300 Nm) of torque, fed by a 120 kWh battery pack. When it was first announced, Pininfarina claimed a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time of less than 2 seconds and a top speed of over 217 mph (350 km/h).

The company will offer the chance of driving a Battista prototype to prospective customers in the first half of 2020, while the first customer cars will be delivered at the end of the year in Cambiano, Italy.

Pininfarina is also celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, and will do so by showcasing “the ultimate expression of Battista hypercar design” at the Geneva Motor Show next month – so stay tuned.

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