Warriors’ Glenn Robinson shares awesome Kobe Bryant retirement-year story

Glenn Robinson III and the Indiana Pacers hosted Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers on Feb. 8, 2016.

The current Warriors forward never will forget what happened that night, as he told the following story to Anthony Slater of The Athletic:

“His last time coming to Indiana, he went off,” Robinson said. “It was one of those games on a long East Coast trip. He was retiring, so not much left in the tank. But it was amazing to see how he came out. I forget how much he had. Maybe 30-something. Against Paul. Paul George.”

Robinson was a reserve forward at the time. He got a few minutes to guard the living legend. Bryant got him in an isolation in the post and started backing him down.

“He shot his famous turnaround,” Robinson said. “Airballed. I ran back to the other side of the court and bricked a shot because I was so happy he air balled. I told him ‘I’m going to tell my kids how I made you air ball.'”

What was Kobe’s response?

“‘Make sure you tell them it was in the retirement season,'” Robinson remembers Bryant telling him.

Sorry for being “that guy,” but yours truly looked up the box score from that game. And the truth is that Kobe scored 19 points and went 6-for-25 from the field.

But that doesn’t matter.

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The point is that Kobe’s response is hilarious and fantastic. 

Now we just need to find out if Robinson has in fact told his two-year-old daugther, Ariana, about making Kobe air ball.

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Warriors’ Glenn Robinson shares awesome Kobe Bryant retirement-year story originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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