Rudy Giuliani, a heavyweight boxing champion, and yet another whiff of something dubious

“Rudy told him, ‘Make sure Klitschko stays,’ ” Parnas, who participated in the meeting, told The Washington Post in an interview.

The following month, Giuliani took that same message to Twitter. “Reducing the power of Mayor Klitschko of Kiev was a very bad sign,” Giuliani wrote, implicitly chastising Zelensky, adding that the mayor, a former boxing champion, “is very much admired and respected in the US.”

Zelensky backed off the threat, and nearly six months later, Klitschko still remains in his post.

The Zelensky adviser in Madrid, Andriy Yermak, confirmed in a statement that he and Giuliani discussed Klitschko, but denied that Trump’s personal attorney applied any pressure on Klitschko’s behalf.

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