Make a Killing Part 2 out now!

Jump back in and take on the challenge to ‘Make a Killing’ with the new Part 2 update!

  • Kill Ira, collect limbs and activate pillars to progress
  • Activate all the pillars or kill all the Votaries to make Ira mortal
  • Free or kill victims for different ammo rewards
  • Track your progress with way points throughout the map
  • Collect gold to buy more ammo
  • Avoid the Votaries or kill them before they scream and giveaway your position

Update notes:

  • Improved Part 1 with ammo pickups, more dynamic combat and map changes
  • New level ‘The Mines’ with more disturbing visuals and maze navigation
  • New combat and mini game mechanics including reflex challenge and new battle
  • Game settings improved to scale mouse/gamepad sensitivity better
  • Achievement activation taken out of gameplay and into the menu to increase performance
  • Performance optimizations and brightness/gamma refinement

make a killing 4

make a killing 1

make a killing 2

make a killing 3

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Finally, a reminder that this is only Part 2 and I will be adding more content in Part 3 as well as improving the game based on player feedback posted in the player forums here :steamhappy:

Thanks for playing!

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