Issues fixed #1

Screenshot from 2020 01 30 14 36

In the last days, I’ve fixed over 30 issues I’ve found. This isn’t the final stage of Craftrix’s development, it’s a big step in the process.

Prototyping stars

This is the name of the current stage of development. I decided to break down all the prototype development into small pieces where I fill them with issues and it worked well in the last week.

Screenshot from 2020 01 30 14 36 1Screenshot from 2020 01 30 14 36 4

But what actually changed?

I’ll list some visible changes below. That’s all for now, bye!

Changelog – since the last stage

  • Fixed never loading bug
  • Fixed MOBs’ animation playback
  • Fixed exit confirm hiding when clicking the screen
  • Added option to restart the game when the player dies
  • Added crafting system
  • Optimizations for shaders
  • Tweaked green slime damage range
  • Added achievements tab (but there are NO achievements yet)
  • Fixed enemies attack delay
  • Added more settings options
  • Lots of small optimizations and tweaks…

Screenshot from 2020 01 30 14 36 3

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