Hellbound: the Awakening Update

Hellbound: the Awakening Update

As we welcome 2020, and say farewell to 2019, I would like to give you a quick update on Hellbound: the Awakening. For those of you who are new to this game, Hellbound: the Awakening is a passion project developed so far by one person (Miki Manojlovic). Inspired by Divine Comedy, Diablo 1 and retro Castlevania games, Hellbound: the Awakening is a dark and gritty, fantasy game, that takes you on a journey to hell.

Updated website is up Hellboundtheawakening.com

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Steam Partnership

  • Confirmed for Steam
  • Steam store front page – still under development (Coming Soon)

EGLX 2019 (Toronto Canada)

Hellbound: the Awakening was on display at EGLX 2019 (Canadian Video Game Convention) that was held at the end of October. I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback, which left me speechless. I can’t wait to complete it, so that I can share my experience with everyone else.

Trailer from the EGLX 2019

[embedded content]

Various Screenshots from EGLX 2019

Screen Shot 2019 10 24 at 11 05 2

Screen Shot 2019 10 24 at 11 05 3

Screen Shot 2019 10 24 at 11 17

Screen Shot 2019 10 24 at 12 38

Development Update

  • Development is going well so far. I am working as much as I can on the game, however I am not able to work on the game full time, as I am working on other software development projects. These projects provide me with enough financial resources that I can complete the game, and even self publish.
  • I’m currently working on the Hell area, and will provide some videos/screenshots in the next update.

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