All-Star Weekend has 8 different jersey colors and they’re all about Chicago

The NBA officially released their All-Star jerseys for 2020 and they’re certainly jerseys. The weekend of basketball festivities will take place in Chicago this February and Nike has decided to go all in on the cities transit lines. Each color represents a different line which is kind of cool, I suppose.

Let’s take a look.

All-Star Game

According to Nike, these jerseys are supposed to represent the six-pointed star from the Chicago flag, and also having the “attitude of the ‘90s-era alternate uniforms worn by the hometown Bulls.”

The Jordan Brand official NBA All-Star game uniforms add the six-pointed star from the Chicago flag as the symbolic refrain while inviting the attitude of the ‘90s-era alternate uniforms worn by the hometown Bulls. Its representation on-court spans the bold (It’s integrated into the NBA Star logo on the chest) and the subtle. For example, a closer look at the pinstripes reveals the integration of the star. The silver satin on the numbers and letters are inspired by the trains’ worn patina.

I appreciate the detail and I like the idea of the star but I see nothing remotely close to those iconic pinstripe Bulls jerseys, especially since these are also the only jerseys specifically with the Jordan Brand logo on them.

The All-Star Game jerseys are quite traditional and overall fine. The star on the shorts is a bit overwhelming, though. It feels more like 2002 than the 90’s to me.

Rising Stars Game

The Rising Stars game will honor the Purple and Orange lines. I actually really like the purple jersey and the “World” script across the chest with the blue outline is really pretty. I just wish if they were going to use orange, they used one that couldn’t be confused with red. This just looks red to me. A very typical USA red. I’m also glad they fixed the star on the shorts. This is much more manageable.

Celebrity Game

The Celebrity game are going with the Green and Pink lines and this is where I start to enjoy these uniforms. First off, I’m just glad to get a variety in jersey color. Green and pink are a bit abnormal for such an event and I’m here for it. I also like how much more clear the Chicago flag influence is on the chest. Sure the green jerseys look like Christmas trees and the pink jerseys resemble a Starbust, but it’s the Celebrity game. I like it.

Special Olympics Unified Basketball Game

The final two lines are the Brown and Yellow line and the yellow jerseys here are my favorite of the entire set. The colors look great and the red accent is such a nice touch. The yellow shorts are tough! I also don’t know of many brown jerseys in the world so I’m glad the NBA went all in. The more I look at the brown I actually like it.

It overall feels like Nike mailed it in except for the clever use of colors. Nothing else about these stands out in the long term.

Leave some thoughts in the comments on these or jerseys from the past. Did Nike get it right or wrong?

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