Hong Kong Police Foils Attempt to Smuggle $1 Million Worth iPhones, Other Devices

iPhone has often been the target of thieves and scammers. Typically, premium devices like the iPhone are much easier to sell and command a better price in the black market. In the latest news, Police has arrested three people in Hong Kong after they uncovered a large swathe of iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and other items.

As expected, the items were not declared and the criminals were trying to make a quick buck by smuggling the items from HK to China. According to law enforcement agencies, the haul was valued at HK$25 million (US$3.2 million.) and also includes computers and laptops.

The law enforcement officers said, “Some electronic products are brand new and the latest models.” They also added, “We don’t rule out the possibility that these are for festive gifts.” In a bid to crackdown on smuggling operations, the police had been tracking the smuggler’s movement from two-months. According to the Hong Kong police, “it was the biggest seizure of its kind in two years.”

The ship was intercepted near Hong Kong’s western waters and three men on board were arrested. Apparently the boar had a secret compartment and custom officers took an hour to discover the same.

“The secret compartment was found below the floor of a cabin when officers removed a bed,” said Jonathan Yiu-man, head of customs, marine investigation division. The smugglers had planned to stash the products in the secret compartment and smuggle them to mainland China. It is also worth noting that import tax on the items can go up to 17%. The fine for importing or exporting undeclared cargo in Hong Kong is up to seven years in jail with a maximum penalty of $130,000.

[via SCMP]

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