Mercedes Says ‘Nein’ To The 2020 New York Auto Show

In the digital era, car shows have become less popular with automakers, who would rather host standalone events and reach out to potential customers by other means instead of shelling out several million dollars for a classic multi-day exhibit.

Mercedes chose not to participate in the 2019 Detroit and Chicago shows, and will not attend the 2020 New York Auto Show either. According to AutoNews, the German company has already said ‘no’ to the event hosted in the Big Apple from April 8 to 19 next year.

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The decision isn’t welcomed by local dealers, though, who see it as a bad move. “Skipping New York is a mistake for Mercedes, given the large presence there of other luxury brands, such as Audi and Lexus”, said an East Coast Mercedes dealer who wanted to remain anonymous. “When you’ve got the competition present at a show and you’re absent, that’s a black eye.”

Mark Scheinberg, the NY Auto Show President, also called it a “blow” for dealers. “The response from the dealers when they heard that Mercedes is going to bypass the show was pretty strong. They thought it didn’t make a lot of sense”, he added. “We don’t know what their long-term plans are. Brands change their marketing strategies. Hopefully, next year, we’ll hear back from them.”

The three-pointed star brand is apparently undecided when it comes to the 2020 Los Angeles Auto Show as well, as a spokesperson told the news outlet that it is too early to talk about it.

Note: 2020 Mercedes-Maybach GLS pictured

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