We’re Sure Someone Will Make A Widebody C8 Corvette Like This

From the moment Chevrolet starts customer deliveries of the C8 Corvette, you can be sure that owners will soon start modifying the long-awaited mid-engined sports car. We’re confident that bold widebody kits could prove particularly popular for the car.

To provide us with an idea of what a widebody C8 Corvette could look like, designer Hugo Silva has created the bold concept you see before you. It shows that with some distinct aftermarket body panels, the car can be made to look all the more impressive.

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Some have criticized the looks of the car but we happen to think it looks spot on. It’s identifiable as a Corvette, shares some of its design with other Chevrolet models, and looks exotic enough to rival the industry’s best from Europe. Silva’s transformed Corvette starts at the front where he has designed a distinct bumper that incorporates additional LED daytime running lights, sharp canards to improve front-end downforce, and an extended carbon fiber splitter. Additionally, the hood now sports a pair of air ducts while the presence of flared wheel arches has allowed for the fitment of wider wheels.

Looking at the car from the rear three-quarter is perhaps the best angle. There is a towering wing with sharp endplates, widened wheel arches, a bold diffuser, and new quad exhaust tips. It all looks rather aggressive and reminds us of something Japanese tuner Liberty Walk would bring to life.

In early November, Chevrolet revealed that production of customer Corvettes won’t start until February 2020, as a result of the six-week UAW strike at GM plants. We guess that has given tuners even more time to hone their aftermarket offerings for the C8, then.

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