This Tesla Model S P85 Has Been Driven For 1 Million Kilometers!

The Tesla Model S P85 you’re looking at is believed to be the highest-mileage Tesla on earth (excluding Musk’s Roadster currently floating around in space…), with its odo having just ticked over to 1,000,000 km (621,371 miles).

Owner Hansjörg Gemmingen purchased his red Model S P85 back in 2014 to join his first-generation Tesla Roadster. To celebrate the seven-figure milestone, Gemmingen rolled through a neighborhood in Stuttgart, Germany where he was welcomed by a small party of Tesla enthusiasts and a representative from the Guinness Book of Records to verify the milestone.

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Speaking with Edison Media, Gemmingen confirmed that his Tesla has had its fair share of repairs to remain fresh. Most notably, it required a battery change at 290,000 km (180,197 miles) and has gone through three different electric motors. Fortunately, all these major replacement parts were covered by the electric sedan’s warranty.

To ensure the battery survives for as long as possible, Gemmingen never lets it completely drain nor does it fill it up to beyond 85 per cent capacity.

This Tesla enthusiasts doesn’t plan on calling it a day and retiring his Model S. Gemmingen has an ambitious goal of raking up 1 million miles (1,609,344 km) in the EV, and would love to ship the car to the United States when he nears that mark.

Gemmingen is no stranger to covering huge mileage in Teslas. In fact, his first-generation Roadster has more than 620,000 km (385,251 miles) on the odometer.

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