Half-Mustang, Half-Charger Hybrid Looks Like Something Out Of Grand Theft Auto

What do you do if the car you want most is a two-door Dodge Charger convertible; do you call up a specialized shop that can convert a regular charger into a Coupe? Well, if you really must have it, that’s probably what most people would do.

Yet, the owner of this car, which we assume started life as an S197 Mustang, must have spent a significant amount of time and money in order to convert it into a Charger Convertible of sorts. Not only are the front and rear fascias completely new, but so are multiple other body panels. For example, those fenders are definitely not from any Mustang we’ve ever seen.

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Another example of a confused 5th-gen Mustang you might remember, is the so-called Tractorri Custom Coupe, which features Porsche 911 Turbo turn signals, fender flares and rocker moldings, as well as Lamborghini Gallardo taillights and interior. But that one also has the full running gear of a Gallardo – including the V10.

Strictly focusing on aesthetics though, the Tractorri is actually not as well good looking as this Charger-clone, which may seem like something out of Grand Theft Auto (and therefore silly), but the execution is sound. There are no awkward angles or body panel gaps, although if we could do something to it, it would be to add wider rear tires so as to fill in those arches properly.

Do you think this car belongs on Reddit’s Sh*tty Car Mods thread? Because that’s where we found it, and an argument could be made that while it is a bit ridiculous or weird, it’s certainly not rubbish.

Note: By the way, if this is photoshopped, then major props to whoever did it

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