Tom Brady: We could probably do everything better

The Patriots got a road win in Philadelphia on Sunday, but quarterback Tom Brady wasn’t full of smiles at his postgame press conference.

It was a rough afternoon for the Patriots offense. They punted eight times while picking up 298 yards of offense and failing to score touchdowns on three of their four red zone trips. Brady said he didn’t know what to say about their red zone struggles and generally feels that the unit needs to be better at everything.

“Up and down,” Brady said. “That’s what it looks like to me. We could probably do everything better.”

The offense wasn’t much better against the Ravens in Week Nine and Brady was asked if he’s discouraged by the current state of affairs. He said he thought “everyone is a little tired” and that it’s “a good win” a road game, but those good feelings fell somewhere short of satisfaction about how the day went.

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