Make Your Fall Travel Plans Around These American Whiskey Distilleries

Whiskey and road-tripping are both quintessential pieces of the American experience. Winding along country roads to visit a distillery or rickhouse, tucked away in hidden valley or seaside village, is a great way to spend a breezy autumn day. And with whiskey and craft distilling exploding around the entire country, a trip like that is well within reach — regardless of which corner of the United States you live in.

Our advice is a take a look at who’s distilling in your neighborhood and start there. Visit, talk to the team, sample a few drams, and practice your tasting skills. Then get ready to take your thirst further afield. Maybe a weekend trip? Or fly to Kentucky and do a whole distillery-themed vacation.

Whichever way you plan it, if you visit one of the distilleries below, you’re sure to sip some superb drams.

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