Driver Kills 10-Year-Old After Suffering ‘Medical Episode’

Near the end of the school day on Tuesday afternoon, a 10-year-old boy in Brooklyn stood along a bustling roadway waiting for a bus, most likely trying to get home.

But the police said the boy never made it onto the bus after he was struck by an S.U.V. driven by a man who had suffered a “medical episode,” causing him to lose control of the vehicle at an intersection in Midwood. The boy, whom the police identified as Enzo Farachio of Brooklyn, later died at a nearby hospital.

At around 2:43 p.m., the police said a man in his 50s was traveling north on Ocean Avenue, near Avenue L, in his gray Lexus S.U.V. when he veered off the road and mounted the sidewalk where Enzo was standing, the police said.

The driver, who was riding with his 9-year-old daughter, went on to strike a scaffolding on Ocean Avenue, the police said. The girl was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

Police officers who responded to the crash found Enzo with severe injuries to his neck and back. He was transported to New York Community Hospital, but could not be saved, officials said.

No arrests have been made as the department’s Collision Investigation Squad continued their investigation, the police said.

In a video posted on Facebook, firefighters are seen surrounding the S.U.V., which was wedged under the scaffolding as onlookers recorded videos and took photos with their cellphones.

Some witnesses said the scene quickly turned into one of confusion and anguish.

ImageResidents in the area gathered at the scene of the accident. 
CreditKevin Hagen for The New York Times

“I heard a very bad noise, very, very bad,” said Naide Afsin. “I’m still shaking.”

Mohammed Hamoud, a construction worker who was working in the area, came down from a neighboring building to inspect the scene after hearing a “big boom.” He caught a glimpse of the boy when he got closer, he said.

“He’s on the floor and he has a lot of blood on his face,” Mr. Hamoud said.

Elk Krausz, who owns the company which put up the scaffolding, appeared dismayed at the scene.

“We’re going to replace it,” Mr. Krausz said of the broken scaffolding. But, “you can’t replace a child.”

Tuesday’s accident was reminiscent of a devastating crash in Brooklyn in March 2018, that gained national attention. In that crash, a car slammed into a 20-month-old boy and a 5-year-old girl at an intersection in the Park Slope neighborhood, also hitting one of the children’s pregnant mothers. Both children were killed.

Authorities said Dorothy Bruns, who was prone to seizures and suffered from multiple sclerosis, ran a red light at Ninth Street and Fifth Avenue, striking Abigail Blumenstein, 5; Joshua Lew, 1; and both of their mothers. Officials said Ms. Bruns had been behind the wheel even though her doctor had instructed her not to drive.

Abigail’s mother, Ruthie Ann Miles, an award-winning theater actress, lost her unborn child as a result of her injuries. Joshua’s mother, Lauren Lew, eventually recovered from her injuries.

Months after the police charged Ms. Bruns with manslaughter she was found dead in her Staten Island home. The police suspected she had died by suicide.

Rebecca Liebson contributed reporting.

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