The Best Travel Movies On Netflix Right Now

best travel movies on netflix


Last Updated: September 3rd

Movies are a big part of our daily lives. They make us laugh, they make us cry, and — for many of us — they make us want to travel. That’s why we put together a list of our favorite travel-themed movies on Netflix right now.

Of course, it should go without saying, this list will constantly be evolving as Netflix rotates its streaming library and new movies arrive. That said, let these travel movies be your guide and inspire your next grand adventure.

Ibiza (2018)

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Run Time: 94 min | IMDb: 5.2/10

What Is It: Getting to travel for work feels like a luxury. Getting to hang in Ibiza with a star DJ and have a spontaneous time-of-your-life moment while traveling feels like something that only happens in movies. Maybe. But you’ll never know if it’s real unless you go out and look for these adventures yourself and that’s where Ibiza gets you.

Why It’s Great For Travelers: Sometimes you just have to go out there and live that life and see what happens. You’re never going to know what’s out there unless you go see for yourself.

Wine Country (2019)

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Run Time: 103 min | IMDb: 5.4/10

What Is It: Amy Poehler rounds up some of her funniest pals from Saturday Night Live for this boozy comedy about a girls’ trip to Napa Valley. The film is packed with comedy legends like Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Paula Pell, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, and Emily Spivey, and it marks Poehler’s directing debut.

Why It’s Great For Travelers: It’s an ode to female friendships and how they change as we age — think Bridesmaids but with more wine and some scenic views of idyllic Napa wine country. If these amazing vistas of vineyards don’t stoke a desire to get to California ASAP, nothing will.

Murder Mystery (2019)

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Run Time: 97 min | IMDb: 6/10

What Is It: Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler reunite for this whodunnit with a slapstick comedy twist. The film follows Audrey and Nick Spitz, a married couple from Brooklyn celebrating their honeymoon 15 years late. They meet a dashing stranger on their plane to Europe (played by Luke Evans) who invites them to vacation aboard his yacht where a shocking murder puts them in the spotlight. As they use Nick’s detective skills and Audrey’s love of true crime to solve the case and clear their own names, more suspects pop up, and more laughs are had.

Why It’s Great For Travelers: We don’t want to say that movie posits you should never accept invitations to party on a yacht in the South of France. But keep your wits about you if you do find yourself in that situation.

Like Father (2018)

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Run Time: 109 min | IMDb: 6.1/10

What Is It: Kristen Bell in anything is guaranteed to be funny, but this father-daughter comedy looks especially rife with humor. Bell plays a workaholic jilted at the altar who decides to salvage something from her relationship when she heads out on her honeymoon cruise … with her estranged father. Kelsey Grammer stars as her deadbeat dad and the two try to reconnect over tropical expeditions, ziplining, and plenty of seafaring.

Why It’s Great For Travelers: There are a lot of lessons to be drawn from a light comedy about people reconnecting while living in a confined space. Travel companionship is never a black-or-white prospect and sometimes the best travel buddy is the person you’d least expect.

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