Jay-Z: It Doesn’t Matter What People Say About My NFL Deal Because I’m Trying To Make Changes

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The internet has been buzzing about Jay-Z’s deal with the NFL. The rapper’s entertainment company, Roc Nation, recently entered into a partnership with the NFL as the league’s entertainment strategist. Some call him a hypocrite for involving himself with the NFL after publicly supporting Colin Kaepernick. Others believe having someone on the inside will actually help to promote change in the organization. Jay-Z explained his reasoning at a press conference, saying that it doesn’t matter what people say about his deal because he’s been working to make actual change.

New York City’s hip-hop radio station Hot 97 was able to get a hold of previously unreleased clips in which Jay-Z goes into detail about the backlash he’s faced. He said it’s okay to be upset with him, but he wants people to know he works every day to fight social injustice, which is more than many can say:

“It’s a natural emotion to be upset, but where do we go now? Where are we going to take it, what do we do, how are we going to fix it? And what is everyone doing? Everyone can speak like those Twitter people, everyone can talk. Ask them, what have they done? There’s 365 days last year. I can tell you exactly what I’ve done last year. Let me tell you everything I’ve done to change. I can tell you the amount of people who I saved from going to jail, I can tell you I got this person out of jail, I can tell you this, this, this, this and that. I fed this many people, I can tell you exactly what I’ve done with my 365 days. What has everyone done? It’s a challenge. We can have the conversation, and again, I’m not saying it’s not needed. It’s needed because we need to know what’s happening. We need to identify the problems in order to for us to address it. But after we address it, what are we doing?”

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