Drake Trolled Joe Budden And Pusha T In The Comments Of An Instagram Live Video

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Drake was ready for a fight upon seeing Joe Budden go live on Instagram. Budden took to Instagram to show his followers the happening at his annual private pool party. But Drake took the video as an opportunity to troll both Budden and Pusha T, who are known to have longstanding beefs with the “God’s Plan” rapper.

The trolling started when Joe Budden was at his New Jersey pool party. Budden had previously advertised the party as “wholesome fun” on his social media. Budden announced the DJs in attendance and even included a list of “party rules” which included, “don’t take off your wig,” “don’t spy on people’s significant others,” “don’t bring your dog,” “no cucumbers,” and lastly, “no throwing people in the pool, that’s not flirting.”

As Budden went live, Drake began the trolling by requesting Rory. “We want Rory! We want Rory!” Drake wrote. After seeing the comment, Budden began to explain Rory and Drake’s love-hate relationship. Drake then threw some major shade by requesting the DJ to play Budden’s diss track. “I wanna see if they ring off,” he wrote. “That’s not nice,” Budden responded.

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