Antonio Brown on ‘Hard Knocks’: My Feet Were ‘Circumcised’

antonio brown

Getty Oakland Raiders WR Antonio Brown showed off his blistered feet on “Hard Knocks.”

Antonio Brown had an interesting way of describing his foot injury on the latest episode of “Hard Knocks.” After showing the camera the bottom of his feet, Brown gave an unexpected circumcision analogy to describe the injury.

“My feet is pretty much getting circumcised, right,” Brown noted on the show. “…I f—— got circumcised on my feet. Hopefully, my feet were born again and I freaking can run faster. Feel sorry for me later, thank you.”

Brown later explained how the injury occurred, noting that his feet initially started swelling to the point that he could barely walk. Brown had to have the fluid drained after he sustained the injury.

Little Details Were Provided About Antonio Brown’s Dispute With the NFL Over His Helmet

Many fans were hoping to get a behind-the-scenes look at Brown’s dispute with the NFL about his helmet. While the issue was brought up a few times on the show, there were few new details provided. HBO did tease the third episode where Brown’s issue with his helmet is expected to take center stage. “Hard Knocks” showed Gruden speaking with the media and publicly supporting his new star receiver.

“We’re gonna support him,” Gruden said, per “And whatever his decision is, we’ll stand by it. But we’re confident he’s going to be a huge factor for the Raiders for years to come…I have a lot of confidence that he’s one of the premier competitors I’ve ever been around. And I got a feeling he would play with no helmet, that’s how much he loves to play,” Gruden said. “But I’m not gonna put words in anybody’s mouth.”

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