This Is What Happens When A Teenager Tries To Guard James Harden

James Harden was designed in a lab to be the most ruthlessly efficient basketball player in the world. It’s one of the more polarizing things about him, but Harden is the perfect player for a Houston Rockets squad that primarily wants to take the most valuable shots in the game on a given possession. He’s obviously not shy about letting it fly from three, but part of his brilliance is that Harden’s also outstanding at getting to the rim, whether he’s overpowering smaller guys or blowing past slower ones.

Harden putting his head down and getting to the rim is one of the more inevitable things in the NBA, because he’s excellent at both finishing through contact and getting fouled. It’s also a skill that helps him embarrass NBA-level defenders with some frequency. Today, we are celebrating him doing this to, uh, not an NBA-level defender.

The former league MVP held his basketball camp in Houston over the weekend, and as is the case whenever an NBA player does this sort of thing, he decided to play some 1-on-1 against campers. One such child’s attempt to check The Beard went so poorly that the Rockets decided to blast it out on their Twitter account. Behold:

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