Cam Newton & Kia Proctor Are Expecting Their 4th Child

Kia Proctor

Instagram/Getty Kia Proctor is expecting the couple’s fourth child.

Cam Newton and longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor are expecting their fourth child together, per the New York Post. Newton and Proctor have two sons Chosen Sebastian (3) and Camidas Swain (10) along with their daughter, Sovereign Dior Cambella (2), per People. Proctor also has a 12-year-old daughter Shakira from a previous relationship.

While Proctor has posted Instagram messages noting she is expecting, her social media no longer features photos with Newton. Throughout their relationship, the couple has rarely posted photos of themselves together. The Panthers quarterback also does not have many Instagram photos featuring Proctor. Newton was seen recently at the premiere of the “All or Nothing” show with two of their children.

Cam Loves Being a Father

While Newton does not often talk about Proctor, Newton has been vocal about his love for being a father. In an interview with Yahoo, the Panthers quarterback spoke about being a dad.

“Fatherhood has been great,” Newton explained to Yahoo. “I’m not as bad as I thought I was! It’s something that a person can never really prep for, but for me I just want to be available, and it’s helped me be a better man. There are similarities that I felt being on the set of Buick and seeing those kids light up and ask me questions coming from all across the board. Things like, ‘What do you eat? How hard have you been hit?’ I think Chosen prepped me for being able to be prepared for any kid’s response.”

Cam Noted on “All or Nothing” That He Has No Plans to Get Married

During the first episode of “All or Nothing,” Panthers teammate Greg Olsen asked Newton if he planned on ever getting married. Newton was adamant that he did not see himself becoming a husband, but Olsen continued to push back on the Panthers quarterback noting how much he had matured. Newton and Proctor were first spotted together at the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

Shakira may not be Newton’s daughter by birth, but the quarterback has noted several times how much their relationship means to him. Newton wished Shakira a happy birthday in 2017 noting that no one could tell him “you’re not my daughter,” per ESPN.

Being labeled a stepdad is hard on the parent just as much as it is for the child to accept it. It is hard work for both parties and I respect any stepparent that takes full responsibility of a God sent child. I remember the first day you called me daddy and I was scared as hell. But when I thought about it, I was honored for you to think of me as not only a male figure in your life but also as a father figure you could learn from as well. Your mom and I are not married, but no one can tell you that I’m not your father and they damn sure can’t tell me that you’re not my daughter. I love you, or better yet, Daddy loves you Kirry. Happy Birthday Shakira aka Kirry aka B1 Gsissy (as ChoCho calls her).

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