The Clippers And Bucks Have The Highest 2019-20 NBA Season Win Totals

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The 2019-20 NBA season will be the most anticipated regular season in recent memory, thanks to the perceived parity throughout the top of the league.

For the first time in nearly a decade, there is not a clear title favorite as the top players in the league have combined forces in twos, not threes, and as such there are a number of teams that believe they can win a championship. There are, of course, still teams that are expected to have the best chances, starting with the Kawhi Leonard-Paul George pairing with the Clippers, but there are so many strong teams that the cluster at the top of the league is as exciting as it’s ever been.

That is reflected in the early season win totals that have been posted at, where the top 10 teams are separated by only eight games. The Clippers reside at the top, with a projection of 55.5 wins, followed by the Bucks (54.5) and Sixers (53.5) as the clear favorites out East. The Jazz (52.5), Lakers (51.5), Rockets (51.5), and Nuggets (50.5) round out the teams projected to top 50 wins, but things stay pretty tight throughout the top half of the league.

Below, you’ll find the win totals for each team, sorted from top to bottom (where the Hornets and Cavs reside), as well as the team’s 2019 finishing record in parentheses, to show how much the oddsmakers expect a team to rise or fall this season.

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