Britt Baker Sustained A ‘Pretty Bad’ Concussion At AEW Fight For The Fallen


Pro wrestler and real-life practicing dentist Britt Baker had her second match for All Elite Wrestling this Saturday at Fight For The Fallen when she and Riho teamed up against Bea Priestly and Shoko Nakajima. The match included a moment of Baker tagging Nakajima, then realizing her mistake and quickly moving to the other side of the ring to tag her partner. It turns that there was a medical reason for Baker’s confusion: she sustained a concussion during the match.

Baker acknowledged she had a concussion when she thanked referee Aubrey Edwards for taking care of her. After Edwards tweeted about losing one of her earrings, Baker responded, “Hurriedly left the venue to take care of a concussed coworker and checked on her every hour of the night. Next pair is on me Ref Aubrey ♥️.”

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