Last Chance U Season 4: When Is the Release Date for New Episodes?

Last Chance U Season 4 will be released on Friday, July 19 and is once again at Independence Community College in Kansas. The new season is being dubbed “Last Chance U: Indy Part 2” by Netflix who recently released the above trailer.

The trailer did not reveal a lot but it looks like Indy head coach Jason Brown is once again front center. The one featured clip shows Brown being held back in what appears to be a fight on the field.

Fans can expect the controversial coach to be front and center in Season 4. The show’s press release provided a brief spoiler, so please do not read any further if you want to be completely surprised when you watch the new season.

Netflix describes a season that is unlike past years in that we may not see the same kind of success from Indy that the featured team normally has had. detailed how Netflix described the new season of Last Chance U.

Look away from this spoiler alert, Pirates fans: We’re in for a “disastrous season on the field,” according to a press release from Netflix…

Mercurial coach Jason Brown’s team is poised to make a run to the JUCO national championship, but according to the show, “the Pirates’ fall from grace… leaves the coaches and the town looking for change.”

Fans Can Expect the New Season of Last Chance U to Focus on Adversity Rather Than Success

If the previous three seasons have been defined by success, the new season appears to focus on how Brown and the team deals with adversity. Quarterback Malik Henry is expected to be part of Season 4 despite publicly criticizing how he was portrayed in Season 3.

“I think Greg Whiteley, the director, did a great job,” Henry told Variety after Season 3. “I just wish we they would have shown the other side of me and Coach Brown’s relationship just a little more, because I feel like more people would have realized that he is more like an older brother, father figure type…They just didn’t show both sides and they could have shown both sides. They had a lot of opportunities to but they didn’t…They put in a lot of my trash talking. That’s stuff that fans and people watching the game wouldn’t hear unless I was mic’d up.”

Given all of the adversity reported during and after the Independence season, fans may be in for the most interesting edition of Last Chance U, even if the team is unlikely to be competing for a title. Like the first two seasons in Scooba, Last Chance U opted to return to Independence for a second installment.

“Coach Brown has recruited a number of players this season who have compelling back stories and it seems the Jayhawk conference as a whole has seen a surge in recruiting,” Last Chance U director Greg Whiteley explained to Football Scoop. “As such, we feel that a return trip to Kansas is warranted. After visiting the ICC campus last week and meeting the new players, I think Season 4 could be our best season yet.”

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