Zion Williamson Snapchat DM’s Allegedly Exposed by UNC Student

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Getty Zion Williamson allegedly tried to slide into the DMs of a UNC student in Snapchat.

Zion Williamson did not play against North Carolina to close out the season, but based on Williamson’s Snapchat it looks like he was ready to mingle with the rival in Chapel Hill. UNC Barstool posted a photo on Twitter of a North Carolina student holding her phone with a Snapchat photo of Williamson.

Barstool has since deleted the tweet but a number of sites including Black Sports Online and the Culture Updates posted screenshots of the DM’s.

“I have a big room, come sleep with me,” the caption allegedly read.

A context of the conversation was not provided, but on the surface, it is not the best look for Williamson. There are also those questioning the legitimacy of the photo.

“Barstool you gotta fact Chek yo sh–. You can literally do those in the snapchat app,” Twitter user @CediCenter suggested.

It is not clear whether Barstool took down the tweets because of the attention the young lady was receiving, or because some were skeptical of the authenticity of the photo. Here’s a look at a video from The Fumble breaking down the incident.
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Zion Williamson Has Been Linked to His Rumored High School Girlfriend, But It Is Not Known If They Are Still Dating

According to Sports Gossip, Williamson had been linked to his rumored high school girlfriend Tiana White who is finishing up her senior year of high school. Here is an excerpt from the November 2018 report.

Always tough having a long distance relationship. We’re being told they went into the school year together, but time apart, and college, will often break up high school sweethearts.

The two of them were spotted arguing on IG live earlier this year. Tiana White was his date for prom. She wasn’t the Prom Queen, even though Zion was named the Prom King.

It is not known if the two are still dating. Williamson’s Instagram has been noticeably absent of any photos of the two. He last posted a photo from their prom on April 20, 2018.

Here is a video of the two interacting on Instagram live.
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Zion Posted an Instagram Photo With Actress Peyton List

Williamson did post a photo of himself with actress Peyton List. There does not appear to be anything romantic between the two.

“It was dope meeting a Disney ⭐️, thanks for supporting the Blue Devils?? @peytonlist,” Williamson posted.

List appeared on a number of Disney shows including Jessie and Bunk’d. IMDb provided an overview of List’s career so far.

20-year-old media darling is known for her portrayal as Emma Ross on the fan favorite Disney’s Jessie and Bunk’d, and made a name for herself on the network’s long-running series.

List appeared in the CBS series, Happy Together, executive produced by Ben Winston and Harry Styles, and also starred in the recently released Hulu supernatural thriller, Light as a Feather, which has been described as a Pretty Little Liars meets The Craft, with a dash of Final Destination.

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