Links 2/11/2019

Pablo Escobar’s hippos keep multiplying and Colombia doesn’t know how to stop it CBS News

Town in northern Russia battling invasion of polar bears Irish Times

David Attenborough: ‘Making TV about animals isn’t that difficult’ FT

Key West to ban sunscreen with coral-harming chemicals TreeHugger

Climate change seen as top threat, but U.S. power a growing worry -poll Reuters

Food & Water Watch: Carbon Tax Is a Sham Truthdig. Lee Camp.

Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’ Guardian


Millions to mark 40th anniversary of Iranian revolution Al Jazeera

Britain and the Iranian Revolution: Arms & Secret Deals Consortium News

Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons Mint Press News (chuck l)

Gilets Jaunes

President for the rich Times Literary Supplement

Class Warfare

Mayoral task force recommends paying struggling Chicagoans $1,000 a month ABC News

Nan Goldin Leads a Protest at the Guggenheim Against the Sackler Family New Yorker

Hermes couriers win holiday pay – but what does it mean for the UK’s gig economy? New Statesman

Picassos, a glass piano and missing billions: scandal of 1MDB reaches court Guardian

Why the Justice Department Can’t Be Trusted to Investigate Abysmal Conditions in Federal Prisons Intercept

Pointless GCSEs should be scrapped, says senior MP BBC

California Burning

California’s strict wildfire liability rule hangs over bankrupt PG&E San Francisco Chronicle

California Homeowners Face Higher Prices for a Scarce Commodity: Wildfire Insurance WSJ

Poor, elderly and too frail to escape: Paradise fire killed the most vulnerable residents LA Times

Amazon Works Hard to Keep Secrets East Bay Express (martha r)

HP’s ink DRM instructs your printer to ignore the ink in your cartridge when you cancel your subscription Boing Boing (chuck l)

Health Care

Drug companies are sitting on generics—43% of recently approved aren’t for sale Ars Technica

Unvaccinated teens are fact-checking their parents — and trying to get shots on their own WaPo

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

83% Of Consumers Believe Personalized Ads Are Morally Wrong, Survey Says Forbes

Police use of facial recognition technology must be governed by stronger legislation The Conversation

Police State Watch

(chuck l)

Democrats in Disarray

Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota joins Democratic race for 2020 WaPo

Elizabeth Warren Is Not a Socialist, But She Still Makes Wall Street Squirm TruthOut


The real reason America is scared of Huawei: internet-connected everything MIT Technology Review

Germany may impose de facto Huawei 5G ban Handelsblatt

Exclusive: U.S. considers withdrawal of zero tariffs for India – sources Reuters

River ecosystems: India’s most precious national asset is crying out for legal protection

Indian law change may test WhatsApp privacy Asia Times


Trump says Isis has been defeated, but he is ignoring the bigger and much more worrying picture Independent. Patrick Cockburn.


The Dangers of U.S. Brinkmanship in Venezuela Foreign Policy in Focus


Imperial Collapse Watch

IN NAVY DISASTERS, NEGLECT, MISTAKES, AND 17 LOST SAILORS ProPublica. Part three of a series; I’ve linked to the previous two parts.

THE FITZGERALD COLLISION: IN SEARCH OF THE ONUS War on the Rocks. A different perspective.

A Tennessee clinic swindled the military out of $65M. This is how it got caught Tennesesean (chuck l)

Trump Transition

Chris Christie’s Agonizing New Memoir Rolling Stone. Matt Taibbi.

Gearing Up for Possibility of Another Trump Shutdown, Airport Workers Ready Mass Protests in 80 Major Cities Common Dreams

Supreme Court’s ‘10th justice’ favors unusual tactic for Trump cases The Hill

How ‘Interior Landmarks’ Redeemed New York American Conservative

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