Jaguar XE and XF Could Become One, Report Claims

As Land Rover sails along, happily supported by the popularity of its utility-only lineup, corporate sibling Jaguar isn’t flying high. Neither is the automaker as a whole, financially speaking. Despite fielding its own crossovers, Jag finds itself suffering from the public’s abandonment of passenger cars and a rapidly evolving European marketplace.

On the lower end of the model ladder, sales of the entry level XE and midsize XF aren’t doing well, leading many to speculate about their eventual demise. According to Autocar, Jaguar’s mulling a “radical” solution to the XE/XF problem.

While nothing’s decided at this point, the British publication claims one of the options under consideration is a merging of the two models at the end of their current generation. If greenlit, the new model would launch in 2023.

If that seems like an overly long timeline, just know there’s good reason for Jag to keep its sedans around, regardless of poor sales. JLR CEO Ralf Speth recently told European media that “low-profile” vehicles (cars) are needed to keep the brand in the EU’s good books. Ever-stricter emissions regulations are coming down the pipe, and keeping a number of smaller, more efficient vehicles in its stable will help keep the heat off.

As Jag mulls its product future, rumors abound about an all-electric gambit. This would obviously play better (to some degree) with European audiences than North American ones, though the Jaguar I-Pace has already launched to considerable acclaim. The flagship XJ is expected to go the EV route next year. If the XE and XF merge, expect a fully electric or plug-in hybrid model in their wake, Autocar claims.

This model, like others planned for the Jaguar range, would use the modular, lightweight MLA platform, capable of accomodating a number of propulsion sources.

In the U.S., XE sales fell 28.3 percent in 2018, with XF volume sinking 49.2 percent. The latter model moved 96 units in January.

[Image: Jaguar Land Rover]

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