Gotta Be Quicker Than That – 30th Anniversary Miata Sells Out in Four Hours

If you’re a diehard Miata enthusiast living in the United States and you had your heart set on buying one of the five hundred 30th Anniversary Edition models allocated to America, well, you’ll just have to wait for the secondary market. Within four hours of the introduction of the special edition, all of those U.S. bound pearl* anniversary units were scooped up with deposits placed by eager buyers.

As is often the case when new versions of vehicles with long heritages are introduced, Mazda invited a number of MX-5 enthusiasts and Miata clubs to the car’s 2019 Chicago Auto Show reveal. According to a Mazda executive with whom I spoke, some of those Miata fans were so eager to get their hands on an anniversary model that they actually placed their orders at dealers via cellphone from the show floor while the press conference was still underway.

*While modern husbands are apparently expected to pony up for another diamond on their 30th wedding anniversary, the traditional gift for that achievement has been pearls. Surprisingly, the Racing Orange finish on the 30th Anniversary Miatas did not appear to have any mica in the paint.

[Images: Mazda]

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