Element: Space | Release Date Feb 14th

Let the final countdown begin!

  • 15 hours of playtime per playthrough.
  • 24 handcrafted levels.
  • 32 melee and ranged weapons
  • Multiple endings and epilogues
  • Extinction Mode: Hardcore mode for those looking for an extra challenge.
  • 7 factions, each inspired by distinct cultures and traditions. Each has a unique fighting style and agenda.
  • 8 possible companions, each with their own backstory and narrative arc.

Release Video Feb 12th

[embedded content]

We are currently doing Internal and External QA for localization. There are languages ​​which we don’t speak them fluent (or at all!). We are constantly working on this to finish this process (with all the promised languages) in order to have them ready for the day of the launch.

Loyalty perk: Buy it first, Buy it cheaper
Early Bird Publisher Discount: Buy it first, buy it cheaper!
Element: Space is finally coming out on February 14th! As a way to thank all the players and enthusiasts who have followed us through Early Access, we’re going to be maintaining our discounted Early Access price for a whole month after release! Buy the game before March 15th to enjoy this offer – it’s a great opportunity to get your own copy or to gift one to a friend!

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