Toyota Supra TRD Concept Debuts On Japanese Parts Website

Considering the Toyota Supra was revealed to the world just a few weeks ago, it feels slightly premature for the manufacturer to start releasing special editions of the model. However, we’ve heard it’s important to strike while the iron is hot in business and the Supra is certainly operating well above room temperature. It would be silly to think Toyota would cool its heels after two years of teasing the Supra just because it finally went on sale.

Now that you can buy the coupe, Toyota wants everyone to know that they’ll also be able to purchase snazzy upgrades for it through the performance catalog and released the GR Supra Performance Line Concept TRD over the weekend as a reminder. Like the BMW M Performance Parts Concept that appeared over the summer, the Supra exists to show the world what’s possible when the full force of the TRD catalog is harnessed.

Unfortunately, engine upgrades aren’t currently a part of that equation. Like the M Performance car, the TRD Supra receives no improvements to its powertrain. Instead, Toyota showcased a festival of spoilers and fins aimed at optimizing the coupe’s aerodynamics. 

The TRD version of the fifth-generation Supra gets a frontal, three-piece spoiler with massive fins for improved downforce and high-speed stability. Meanwhile, aggressive-looking side skirts and a “door garnish” help to give the vehicle’s profile a more hardcore image but don’t appear to offer much in terms of performance.

Toyota claimed that the inclusions helped to mitigate turbulent wind and lower the vehicle’s center of gravity somewhat, but we’re willing to wager most people won’t notice from behind the wheel. The air vent the door garnish covers is already non-functional and any weight the skirt adds probably won’t be countered by the slightly lower center of gravity it creates. Fortunately, TRD’s choice of wheels, a set of 19-inch forged aluminum jobs in jet black, were a little more straightforward.

Out back, Toyota implemented a pair of fins integrated into the rear diffuser that it called “spats” and a new trunk-lid spoiler. While we’re not positive why the manufacturer decided to refer to the air blades as something that typically denotes a partial wheel covering, our guess is that it’s because the GR Supra Performance Line Concept TRD debuted on the company’s Japanese parts website. Something was probably lost in translation.

This leaves us wondering about availability. Right now, Toyota is treating these carbon-fiber parts as TRD’s initial foray into the Supra and only has them posted on its JDM website. At the bottom of the page there is even a big “To Be Continued” written in English, indicating that the company will likely add to the catalog in the months to come. While it’s not up to us, we’d like to see some of those fake vents converted into something functional (seriously, the hood and bumper vents are just filled with rubber and plastic). It also might be nice to see some suspension and brake options for track-day enthusiasts.

[Images: Toyota]

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