One Small Change to Add Stillness to Your Day

The other day, I was on my computer and I needed to restart it. The restart (as we all know) was going to take about 30 seconds, but out of instinct I grabbed my phone to pass the time. Five minutes later, I realized my computer had finished turning on moments before, yet here I was aimlessly scrolling on my phone – with my brain jumping from task to task.

Later that day, I was unloading the dishwasher and stopped to turn my phone to a podcast. Again, by the time I chose a podcast and got it going, I could have finished unloading and went on with my day. Instead, I took a couple minutes to start a podcast, finished the dishes, and then had to stop my podcast 3 minutes into it because I was done. A total waste of time and energy! Yet I felt so uncomfortable in that single-tasking mode that I needed to do multiple things at once.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I did this ALL. THE. TIME. I simply sucked at single-tasking or waiting. Any free moment or any “pause” I was given, I felt the need to fill it with something. Which is exhausting when you think about alllll the extra tasks that adds to your day or how many times it forces your brain to switch from task to task.

Maybe you’re better at this than I am, but I’m using this as a reminder to allow moments of stillness in my life. Or moments of quiet and doing less. And I’m bringing myself back to this single-tasking article that seems so necessary for me at this point.

Anyone else find themselves filling their moments to the brim? How do you slow it down? Plz share!

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