Links 1/28/19

These Alligators Have Gone Into Deep-Freeze Mode Motherboard

Bride added pockets into her wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses I had pockets sewn into my wedding dress: doesn’t everybody?

The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson’s Archives New Yorker. Robert Caro. I’ve read the Robert Moses book, but only one volume of the LBJ bio; the others are in my to-read stack.

Consumers are doing everything they can to avoid ads. Here’s how P&G, one of the world’s largest advertisers, is finding a way around that Business Insider


Drone Sightings Keep Grounding Flights—Here’s Why That Keeps Happening Afar

California Burning

PG&E argues wildfire prevention court order would cost up to $150 billion Jurist

How a California officer protected neo-Nazis and targeted their victims Guardian (Chuck L)

Huawei Hullabaloo

Canada trapped in China-US feud over Huawei extradition Nikkei Asian Review

The Illegal CIA Operation That Brought Us 9/11 Truthdig (BB)

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

The Data Colleges Collect on Applicants WSJ. The deck: To determine ‘demonstrated interest,’ some schools are tracking how quickly prospective students open email and whether they click links. Moi: This is insane – and just one more thing prospective students shouldn’t have to worry about.

Crucial biometric privacy law survives Illinois court fight The Verge. Might have posted on this decision if I’d seen it earlier — maybe sometime soon, once I’ve had a chance to study the opinion.

Pelosi Aghast – Stone Indictment Proves That Trump Campaign Deliberately Campaigned For Trump Moon of Alabama. Missed this yesterday; still germane.

Americans support investigating Trump, but many are skeptical that inquiries will be fair, new poll finds WaPo


Brexit planners could use martial law against civil disobedience Sky News (RS)

Blow for May as Ireland stresses it will not yield on Brexit backstop Guardian

How Brexit Distracted the UK From Its Real Problems Der Spiegel

EU WILL BLINK FIRST! Brussels on brink of ‘CAVING IN’ over Brexit deal Daily Express (The Rev Kev). Thought readers might enjoy a morning chuckle.

Europe will not ratify deal without backstop, warns Coveney  RTÉ

Ban on diesel vehicles drives Germans to the street – to protest Handelsblatt

People Power: 160,000 European Protesters Demand Action on Climate Crisis Common Dreams

Climate Denial Efforts Target Media, Cities Filing Liability Suits Climate Liability News

Gilets Jaunes

Yellow vest leader badly injured in police action during protest Al Jazeera (martha r)

Health Care

Newsom makes health care the centerpiece of California’s resistance to Trump Politico

Costly, ineffective, cruel: How Oregon ensnares mentally ill people charged with low-level crimes Oregonian (martha r)

Class Warfare

There’s a wider scandal suggested by the Trump investigation The Conversation. Not exactly news to regular Naked Capitalism readers.


Sickouts and Strike Threats Stopped the Government Shutdown Jacobin

Stealing from the dead Philadelphia Inquirer (martha r)

Another tech bubble could be about to burst FT (David L)


Iran inches closer to unveiling state-backed cryptocurrency Al Jazeera


As EVMs are debated, this is how the ballot box was made for India’s first 1952 election The Print

Cabinet likely to approve agri-package for farmers on Monday Economic Times

Water could become the major flash point between India and Pakistan besides Kashmir The Print


As questions are raised about ‘belt and road’, projects slow in Southeast Asia SCMP

China Sends Vice Ministers to Washington to Pave Way for U.S. Talks Bloomberg

China has nothing to fear from America’s Africa strategy, as it’s largely bluster SCMP

Democrats in Disarray

Clinton not ruling out running in 2020: report The Hill

Warren stakes out 2020 ground with wealth-tax proposal The Hill

California’s Kamala Harris plants Southern roots in quest for presidency San Francisco Chronicle

Democratic attacks on AOC expose the party’s fear of taking on moneyed interests WaPo. Matt Stoller. From last week; still germane.

The Foolish Quest to Be the Next Barack Obama Politico. I’ll say.


Pompeo Puts Elliott Abrams in Charge of Regime Change in Venezuela American Conservative

The Vultures of Caracas Craig Murray (Chuck L)

Venezuela’s ‘interim president’ is in hiding — despite US backing — and appears to be failing one of his own 3 tests for securing power Business Insider (The Rev Kev)

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