Steph Curry Slipped Trying To Dunk And Airballed A Three On A Spectacularly Embarrassing Possession

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The Lakers blew out the Warriors in Oracle on Christmas in the game in which LeBron James suffered the groin injury that continues to keep him sidelined, so when Golden State traveled to L.A. on Monday they wanted to leave no doubt against the shorthanded Lakers.

After a slow first half (that they still held a 10-point lead after), Golden State caught fire in the third quarter to take a 30-point lead to the final period. Klay Thompson hit his first 10 three-point attempts for the game, finally missing a wild heat check late in the third, and the game’s outcome was not in doubt by midway through the quarter.

However, while Thompson’s performance from behind the arc was historic — he tied the record for most threes made to start a game — it will be Steph Curry who unfortunately will be the one talked about despite the lopsided score. Curry picked off a Lakers pass and decided that in a 30-point game, he could try out a rare dunk attempt. The only problem was the court was slick, possibly due to the ice under the court from a recent Kings game, and Curry slid to the floor as he tried to sky for a dunk.

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