Everything about Tyreek Hill’s reverse TD showed that the Chiefs meant business

The Chiefs hadn’t won a home playoff game since 1994, but that changed with their 31-13 win over the Indianapolis Colts in the Divisional Round.

Kansas City put its stamp on the game about halfway through the first quarter when it called a reverse for receiver Tyreek Hill that went 36 yards for a touchdown.

The Chiefs packaged the reverse with a fake split zone run to running back Damien Williams. On split zone plays, the tight end runs across the formation to block on the edge, but with the reverse that tight end became a lead blocker.

The tight end, Demetrius Harris, was able to get a great block on a Colts defender in the open field.

Perhaps the most important, and impressive, part of the play was left tackle Eric Fisher getting all the way down the field to block for Hill as he sprinted past the Colts defense.

Look how far Fisher (72) is down the field when Hill approaches the end zone.

Once Hill reached the 5-yard line, he showed off his strength and balance to get into the end zone as Colts safety Clayton Geathers tried to bring him down from behind.

Here’s what Hill’s touchdown run looked like according to the NFL’s Next Gen Stats. Hill ran almost 20 miles per hour on the run.

Kansas City used the run to get a two-touchdown lead on the Colts that was never really challenged. The Chiefs won their first home playoff game in 25 years and used a little trickery to get it done.

Now, they’ll get a second chance at a home playoff game next week as they host the AFC Championship game against either the New England Patriots or their rival Los Angeles Chargers.

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