Aqib Talib interrupted Jared Goff’s interview to say the Cowboys aren’t taking F***ING SOULS

The Rams beat the Cowboys 30-22 on Saturday night. As you might imagine, the Rams were pumped up to win the game, but nobody was more pumped than Aqib Talib, who got caught cussin’ after the game.

Talib yelled into Chris Meyers’ microphone, “He ain’t taking no fucking soul out there.”

Goff apologized for Talib’s live cussin’, but agreed, saying, “He’s right, though.”

Talib’s statement was in reference to what the Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence said earlier in the week in reference to Goff:

“He’s a quarterback. I don’t like quarterbacks. My impression is the same. I go into every week wanting to take the quarterback’s soul. When you get to look in a man’s eye and see fear in his heart, that’s when you know you’ve got him. That’s how I play the game, and that’s how we’re going to dictate the game.”

Goff was sacked zero times in the game, therefore his Fucking Soul was not taken during the game.

Lawrence finished the game with three solo tackles, one which was a tackle for loss.

Goff finished the game completing 15-of-28 passes for just 186 yards. So he wasn’t exactly a beast himself, but again, he’s got his soul, and will be playing next weekend. That’s a win.

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