Andy Reid wants Chiefs fans to stop throwing snowballs or he’s gonna kick some ass

At the end of the Colts’ first drive of the game against the Chiefs, punter Rigoberto Sanchez was almost hit with a snowball.

Aside from that fact that it was a pretty impressive throw (that’s like 25 yards, at least!), it’s not the safest situation. Chiefs fans didn’t stop either. Late in the first half, more snowballs came flying from the stands and Kansas City’s head coach Andy Reid intervened.

“Andy Reid was not happy with his fans, and he told them so,” NBC’s Michele Tafoya said during the broadcast. “There were some snowballs being thrown out of the stands here on the near side on the left end on the field. He saw that NFL security was talking to the officials. He went down there and indicated to the fans, ‘Be smart, use your heads.’ NFL officials have said they are not going to make an announcement about this first infraction, if you will. They’re going to let in-stadium security handle it. But if there is another incident, they are going to make an announcement on the field that a penalty could be incurred.”

Reid could be seen telling the fans to use their head, and NBC cameras even caught some of the snowball tossing in action.

The Chiefs jumped all over the Colts in the first half to take a 24-7 lead into halftime. The last thing Kansas City needs is for penalties to be assessed on the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium to give Indianapolis a chance to climb back into contention. Having Reid pissed at you can’t feel great either.

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