QOTD: Does the Electric Realm Have Borders?

The trail-trampling fodder of the previous post — Volkswagen’s rugged, hypothetical, yet-unnamed electric off-roader — sparked this question, as it really seems there’s little ground the once nerdy and impractical electric vehicle can’t claim.

The EV revolution, if indeed that’s what it is, started a decade ago with Tesla’s Lotus-bodied roadster, and continues at an ever growing speed. As of this writing, choice is already plentiful. Come two years or so, and the options could be virtually limitless.

Is there a segment where you just can’t see the EV becoming a fixture?

Call your bank, assess your funds, and you can, in early 2019, get into an electric sedan, compact or midsize. Hatches are there, too, and the first mass-market, battery-powered crossovers have already begun to arrive. Sporty (Jaguar I-Pace) or practical (Hyundai Kona EV)? Keep in mind the Kia Soul EV’s been around for some time. Rivian would love to sell you a larger electric SUV in the near future, as would Tesla and Ford. Oh, and Volkswagen. It has a microbus coming, in addition to a two-row crossover, three-row crossover, and the possible aforementioned off-roader.

Those horrified by the thought of ridding themselves of jerry can assistance while crawling through the backcountry have PHEV versions of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport to choose from, and Jeep’s plug-in Wrangler is hot on their heels.

Pickup truck fan? Rivian wants in on that, too. Same with Atlis, which debuted an electric concept just a few days ago. (Workhorse would argue it was first on the scene.) Tesla also sees the pickup market as fertile ground, with the Silicon Valley lifestyle maker planning to unveil a prototype later this year. Maybe. Meanwhile, it’s Ford’s intent to bring serious electrification to the segment in a big way with its forthcoming F-150 hybrid. Depending on the truck’s reception, this could cause domestic rivals to respond in kind.

We’ve already seen how high-zoot sports cars can go gas-free, as, oddly, this was the vehicle type that broke the seal. Italian automakers have electric propulsion in their sights for future models. Even motorsports isn’t immune, with Formula E offering emissions-free thrills for the few who choose to attend. Life on two wheels suit you better? Harley-Davidson wants a word.

There’s few, if any, areas of autodom where EVs aren’t trying to make inroads, but which segment will hold out the longest with primarily ICE-powered vehicles? It would seem that pickups, which require sizeable (and expensive) battery packs to move their hefty bulk, even when unladen, is the obvious answer. Still, you might have other ideas. Sound off in the comments.

[Image: Atlis Motor Vehicles]

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