I’m Giving These 3 Things Up This Year and It Feels So Good

One of the best things I did at the start of last year was to think of certain mindsets I wanted to leave behind. I can happily say that I REALLY focused on getting rid of those mindsets in 2018, and I no longer consider them part of my life. Yay!

Another way to go into a new year focusing on what you want to accomplish, feel, or work on is thinking of certain things to leave behind. There are, of course, goals and a list of things you want to add to your life, but I also like thinking of what I can subtract. For some reason, that, along with what I want to add, really helps me to create a holistic and healthy feel for the new year.

Here’s what I’m leaving behind or giving up this year:

Being afraid of fruit

This actually makes me LOL typing out because it sounds kind of silly, right? Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of negativity surrounding fruit and eating too much of it (too much sugar), so I’ve honestly kind of strayed from it. But what I’ve realized is that it’s not like I’m NOT eating sugar. I’m reaching for something sweet after dinner, consistently.

So after talking to my doctor about how to healthfully eat fruit, I’m bringing it back into my life by way of banana in my green smoothies, an orange with lunch or fresh-squeezed juice, or berries to satisfy that sweet tooth in the evening. It’s a lot healthier than gummy bears and I’ve honestly missed eating more of it!

Unnecessary worrying

I’ve been open about my struggles with anxiety (here and here too), and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed it stretching into different aspects of my life. I will literally think about potential traffic days before I know I have to be somewhere at 6 p.m. Or I’ll think about my sleeping situation on a trip week in advance.

I’m learning that not only is this unhealthy – it makes me uptight, stressed, and it weighs on those around me. And for a girl who is pretty damn laid-back, it’s almost changing my personality (which I happen to like!).

So I’m focusing on FLOW this year and trying to go with the flow more often. It’s only been a couple weeks and I’ve already gotten to test this out many times. Happy to report that so far, so good. I basically just let it go from my mind the second the worrying starts and repeat the mantra, “flow”.

TV while working

I never used to watch TV while working…and then I got pregnant. I spent lots of the first trimester on the couch trying to keep food down. Since I still had to work, I’d grab my computer and end up working from the couch.

Even after the nausea passed, I noticed I formed a bad habit of working in front of the TV in the afternoons. Not only did this kill my back (not supportive), but I’ve found that work takes me a lot longer when I’m not single-tasking. Back to my desk it is!

What are you giving up this year?

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