Have you ever seen a TD like this one from the DII title game?

The 2018 Division II national title game between Ferris State and Valdosta State included one wild touchdown, and it almost ended up really mattering, too.

With less than two minutes to go in the third quarter, Ferris State quarterback Jayru Campbell put up a pass toward the end zone but sent it flying well out of bounds. Valdosta State’s Cory Roberts caught it and apparently thought he could toss it back to a teammate, shoveling it back into the end zone before his feet hit the turf. That’s when FSU’s Keyondre Craig caught the ball in the end zone for a Ferris touchdown! Look at this, man:

The touchdown allowed Ferris State to pull within four and make it a one-score game. Valdosta State would end up winning, 49-47, with this Ferris TD from earlier nearly being enough to force overtime.

We’ve seen tipped touchdown passes similar to this one, but not exactly ones that were tossed by a defender out of bounds. For example, this Patrick Crayton TD from 2008:

[embedded content]

And this TCU Aaron Green touchdown from 2015, that gave the Horned Frogs a 55-52 win over Texas Tech:

[embedded content]

Kids, always practice your tip drills when your coach tells you to!

Postseason football is already exciting, but man, plays like this make it all the more fun! This play gets a major bonus for being incredibly unique.

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