Watch: San Francisco’s Frankie Ferrari Swipes Fan’s Popcorn During Play

San Francisco point guard Frankie Ferrari—yes, his real name—must have been in a good mood on Wednesday night. He and the Dons were in the middle of blowing out Cal on the road to improve to 8–1 on the season when he made an acrobatic pass to find an open shooter in the corner and went flying into the first row. The shot went in, so why not celebrate by grabbing a little snack?

Of course, the most notable example of this sort of thing is Prince Fielder helping himself to a tortilla chip during a 2013 game with the Tigers. 

But Ferrari’s mid-game munch is so much more impressive, just because he actually made the play before deciding to chow down. If the Dons are able to upset Gonzaga and win the WCC, Frankie Ferrari the popcorn-eating point guard could be star of the NCAA tournament. 

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