PAPN: Silly Season got silly after all

Silly Season is wrapping up! Schmooze Week is upon us! Let’s podcast!


  • It’s Schmooze Week in New York!
  • Bill works with a bunch of bowl haters
  • Option Week is worth your time
  • So many Silly Season things! Scott Satterfield has to recruit! Georgia Tech is still weighing options! Walt Bell keeps falling up! Ryan Day wouldn’t have gotten the Ohio State job on just his résumé! Don Beebe! Mel Tucker is the most neutral hire of all time!
  • Kliff Kingsbury to USC! ALL THE EGGPLANT EMOJIS!
  • Sorry, Rutgers, but there are almost no examples of a guy doing this bad in year 3 and still thriving
  • Being bone-chillingly cold is part of Army-Navy’s charm
  • Good God, SO MANY QUARTERBACKS are going to be over-drafted in 2019
  • Kelly Bryant! MIZ!
  • Shouldn’t S&P+ adjust for personnel changes?
  • This really was just the chalkiest year ever

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