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Eagle huntresses challenge the patriarchy in Mongolia South China Morning Post. FWIW, I know a woman from Mongolia. She was educated in Chinese schools in Mongolia. She then got a PhD in Japan in medicine, and was hired by Yale to do oncology research. Now does oncology research in one of the NY teaching hospitals. Hard to think of anyone else who has undergone so many large cultural transitions.

Roadkill deaths halved on Australian road thanks to a fence of sound New Scientist

“The virtual fence technology involves small devices, approximately the size of a mobile phone, mounted on a pole on the side of the road which are triggered by car headlights when they hit a sensor in the device,” Samantha Fox, the researcher who led the project, told Digital Trends. “This sets off blue and yellow flashing lights and a high pitched siren. These together warn local wildlife that a car is coming, and give the animal time to move away from the road.” Over the course of a three-year trial, the technology has reduced roadkill on one particular road by a massive 50 percent. On this stretch of road alone, this has meant saving the lives of around 200 animals, ranging from wombats to possums.

Former President George H.W. Bush dies at 94 The Hill

Lambert: “Let the hagiography begin”:

Shocking Maps Show How Humans Have Reshaped Earth Since 1992 Motherboard

Powerful quakes buckle Alaska roads, trigger tsunami warning Associated Press (David L). See 1964: Alaska’s Good Friday Earthquake Atlantic (Kevin W)

2.4-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Turn Up in an Unexpected Place Atlantic (Kevin W). Important if you are into this sort of thing…

This Swedish Mall Is The World’s First Ever Secondhand Shopping Center Huffington Post (Kokuanani)

Reading Minds with Deep Learning FloydHub

Pentagon looks to exoskeletons to build ‘super-soldiers’ Reuters. EM: “Ever since we watched Aliens we’ve been itching to throw money at this.”

A cure for HIV is in sight as science chases the holy grail Guardian (UserFriendly)


Samsung’s Foldable Screen Tech Has Been Stolen, Sold To China CNN

Why are so many Chinese officials killing themselves? South China Morning Post (furzy)

G20 Argentina: Rifts laid bare as world leaders meet BBC (Kevin W)

G20 opens under clouds, threats and discord Asia Times

Man finds himself sitting next to Germany’s Angela Merkel on flight to G20 DW


Donald Tusk: No deal or no Brexit if UK parliament rejects May’s deal Politico. As I’ve been saying in comments, May had an uncharacteristic spell of being truthful when she said the only choices were her deal, no deal, or no Brexit.

UK government in Google bidding war with Brexit deal opponents BBC

Why I cannot back the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan Telegraph. Sam Gyimah, seventh minister to resign.

Why the idea of a united Ireland is back in play Financial Times

UK may never recover £1.2bn invested in EU Galileo satellite system Guardian

UK WTO Schedules – What’s going on now? Trade Explained

Something crazy happened in parliament last night, and no one is talking about it New Statesman. Windsock: “Meanwhile, in Brexitannia, the Bonkers is now at pandemic proportions.”

Italian Workers Feel the Pain as the Eurozone Economy Sputters Wall Street Journal

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Amazon May Be Hiding Its Plans to Test New Wireless Tech by Masquerading as a Massage Spa IEEESpectrum (Chuck L)

Automakers give the Chinese government access to location data of electric cars The Verge and In China, your car could be talking to the government Associated Press. Coming to the US soon!

500 million Marriott customers have had their data hacked after staying at hotels including W, Sheraton, and Westin Business Insider (Kevin W). If you didn’t join their loyalty program, you got charged for Internet service.

Trump Transition

Trump poised to allow Atlantic Coast seismic testing for subsea oil and gas Axios (David L)

Document: Michael Cohen Plea Documents in Mueller Probe Lawfare (furzy)

Get in Line, Long-Suffering Asylum Seekers Tell Caravan Arrivees Wall Street Journal

Federal judge rules against Trump’s crackdown on ‘sanctuary cities’ Guardian

Trump Admin Takes First Steps To Overhaul H-1B Visa That Tech Companies Use To Hire Internationally GeekWire

Whitaker fielded early fraud complaints from customers at patent company even as he championed it, records show Washington Post (furzy)

How Donald Trump appeals to men secretly insecure about their manhood Washington Post (furzy). A genre variant to armchair analysis of Trump.

The More Education Republicans Have, the Less They Tend to Believe in Climate Change New York Times (UserFriendly)

Full Bernie Sanders Speech on Economic Justice, Healthcare, Opposing Trump & Ending the War in Yemen Democracy Now! (furzy)

Rain triggers debris flows as storm rolls across fire-scarred regions of California Los Angeles Times (David L)

Tensions rise as oil and gas flow to the Texas coastline Center for Public Integrity

The Suburbs Are Changing. But Not in All the Ways Liberals Hope. New York Times

Fake News

Free the Free Press From Wall Street Plunderers FAIR (UserFriendly)

Does Google harm local search rivals? EU antitrust regulators ask Reuters

California judge condemns startup for giving secret Facebook papers to UK Guardian

Facebook Discussed Using People’s Data As a Bargaining Chip, Emails and Court Filings Suggest Washington Post

Exclusive: Airbnb will start designing houses in 2019 Fast Company. Kill me now.

Credit faces worst year since 2008 as strains intensify Financial Times

Class Warfare

Seeing Social Decline As A National Security Threat May Change Conservative Policies Moon of Alabama (Kevin W)

In the Coming Automated Economy, People Will Work for AI IEEESpectrum (David L)

DHL To Invest $300 Million To Quadruple Robots In Warehouses In 2019 VentureBeat

Twitter’s Trans-Activist Decree Quilette (furzy). Wowsers.

Antidote du jour albrt: “Rufus the Arizona basset hound seeks refuge under the slip cover when the temperature falls below 80 degrees.”

And a bonus video (Kevin W). Handsome beavers!

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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