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Yves here. Apologies for being short on original posts, but the elections plus the Trump outrages du jour ate the news.

Kerala: 96-year-old who cleared literacy exam wanted to learn computer, education minister gifts her one Indian Express (J-LS)

First ‘retirement home’ for showbiz beluga whales BBC

Nothing Like a Fight Over Dinosaur Bones to Put Things in Perspective

World’s ‘oldest figurative painting’ discovered in Borneo cave Guardian (Kevin W)

Runaway train blazes through Western Australia for more than 50 miles MPR (chuck4)

David Attenborough has betrayed the living world he loves George Monbiot Guardian (Dr. Kevin)

Human drugs flowing into the animal kingdom Times Union (J-LS)

Changing temperatures improves corn yield in U.S. — for now ScienceBlog (Dr. Kevin)

What You Have To Fear From Artificial Intelligence Current Affairs (UserFriendly)

Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts for trademark infringement MarketWatch (Chuck L). Help me. A trademark is a visual image (think of the Nike swoosh), and it has to be registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Use of an English language word as part of your brand is not a trademark.

Scrutiny in Lion Air 737 crash turns to automated systems that command plane’s pitch Seattle Times (furzy)


An end of birthright citizenship in the US and Canada would close more doors for Chinese parents South China Morning Post (furzy)

Trump all but announces trade deal with China Asia Times (Kevin W). Trump noise du jour.

Japan med school to admit dozens of unfairly rejected women Fox (furzy)

Sydney’s final auction clearance rate crashes to decade low MacroBusiness


May’s crunch cabinet meeting over Brexit deal delayed amid row Guardian. I wouldn’t bet on that Nov. 21 EU Council meeting coming off…

Little hope of reaching Brexit deal this month, warns Leo Varadkar The Times

Conservative Brexiteers in pact with Labour to force Theresa May to print Brexit legal advice on Irish border backstop The Sun

Billionaire American Families Seek to Profit From Brexit Chaos Bloomberg

Sir Keir Starmer claims Theresa May is ‘bluffing’ about no-deal Brexit and would not go through with it Independent and Labour’s Keir Starmer heads to Brussels with threat to vote down Brexit deal Express. I hope UK (and Irish) readers will pipe up. Does he really mean this? Does he not understand that if MPs vote down May’s deal, she can’t course correct quickly enough to prevent a crash-out? As in is Starmer really that clueless or is this just posturing?

With Brexit, It’s the Geography, Stupid Jacobin (Anthony L)

Argentina: More Lending Guarantees Creeping Austerity Triple Crisis


Pakistan in the middle of Saudi, Iran and rival pipeline plans Asia Times (J-LS)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Chinese ‘gait recognition’ tech IDs people by how they walk Associated Press. Help me. Put a half inch lift in one shoe and you change your gait.

Imperial Collapse Watch

British Empire is still being whitewashed by the school curriculum – historian on why this must change The Conversation (J-LS)

Sessions Defenestration

Inconsolable Jeff Sessions Tries To Commit Suicide By Smoking Joint The Onion

5 things to know about new acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker The Hill

What we know about Matthew Whitaker, the man now in charge of the Mueller probe after Jeff Sessions’ ouster ABC (Kevin W)

Jeff Sessions firing: top Republicans warn Mueller inquiry must continue Guardian

Election Aftermath

US midterms: Democrats ready to put White House under microscope Financial Times. Expect more screeching for Trump’s tax returns. I forgot there is one thing they might find, which is the reason tax pros thinks Mittens released only one year of his returns. The IRS offered an amnesty to taxpayers with Swiss bank accounts: ‘fess up to them, pay the tax due, and you won’t be charged. Recall that this was shortly after the Swiss were browbeaten into cooperating with the US.

Trump threatens ‘warlike’ response if Democratic House investigates him Guardian

Abby Martin: The Democratic Party’s ‘Abysmal Failure’ Presenting a Platform Real News

The 16 Races That Are Still Too Close To Call FiveThirtyEight (UserFriendly)

Georgia’s secretary of state Brian Kemp doxes thousands of absentee voters TechCrunch (Slashdot)

CNN journalist Jim Acosta banned from White House after Trump calls him ‘rude, terrible person’ NBC (furzy). Trump looks like he is lashing out on several fronts. Or maybe he decided to take as much revenge as possible now so as to have maximum distance from the next election. But it still looks bad.

Those who took advantage of this offer had to refile their returns, and the first page was “stapled”. I’ve never seen one, but I gather it is bloomin’ obvious. The tax returns withheld by Mittens would have been stapled if he had had a Swiss bank account then and took advantage of the amnesty program (recall that the return he provided showed he did have one).

Election of 3 Israel critics to Congress is historic, but far more new Dems’ commitment to Israel is ‘permanent as the sky’ Mondoweiss (chuck4)

Ballot Initiative Results: Climate Change, Criminal Justice Reforms, And More Shadowproof (UserFriendly)

Voters in Missouri and Arkansas just lifted pay for 1 million workers Economic Policy Institute

Scott Walker Thought He Could Get Away With Corporate Welfare New Republic. Chuck L: “I attended an electric utility technical conference earlier this week and one of the presentations was about what’s being done to supply the Foxconn complex with power.”

Monumental Hypocrisy Current Affairs (UserFriendly)

Fargo, ND Makes History: First US City To Implement Approval Voting Center for Election Science (UserFriendly)

October was worst month for hedge funds in 7 years Financial Times

What Wells Fargo’s $40.6 Billion in Stock Buybacks Could Have Meant for Its Employees and Customers Roosevelt Institute (UserFriendly)

Wells Fargo Executives Knew How Screwed Up Their Car Insurance Program Was for Years: Lawsuit Jalopnik (Kevin W)

Companies are holding off hosting holiday parties this year — and it may be because of #MeToo concerns Business Insider

Guillotine Watch

$4.3 Million Diamond-Encrusted High Heels on Offer in Shanghai Bloomberg

Class Warfare. See how all the political news crowded out class warfare stories? That’s a feature, not a bug.

Canada is richer than the US, according to a new wealth ranking — in fact, the US doesn’t even make the top 10 Business Insider

Antidote du jour (John N):

And a bonus:

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