Brett Kavanaugh, Burt Reynolds, North Korea: Your Friday Briefing

No news quiz this week

It will return next Friday.

Ready for the weekend

At the movies, we recommend “Five Fingers for Marseilles,” a post-apartheid drama and western set in South Africa, and “Blaze,” a biopic of the country singer Blaze Foley, directed by Ethan Hawke.

On TV, a charity telecast will bring actors and musicians together to raise money for cancer research, and we have some streaming recommendations.

We suggest 11 new books, and, if you’re in New York City, a slate of cultural events.

Best of late-night TV

Seth Meyers poked fun at President Trump’s response to the anonymous Op-Ed: “Trump tweeted, quote, ‘TREASON?’ Even weirder, Mike Pence tweeted back, ‘Sure! Let’s do it!’ ”

Quotation of the day

“If you lose one stay, the whole thing comes down.”

Andrew Herrmann, a former president of the American Society of Civil Engineers, describing risks in the design of the collapsed bridge in Genoa.

The Times, in other words

Here’s an image of today’s front page, and links to our Opinion content and crossword puzzles.

What we’re reading

Michael Roston, a senior staff editor on the Science desk, recommends this podcast episode: “Rose Eveleth’s recounting of American researchers living on the ocean floor is fascinating. If that’s not enough of an inducement to listen to her Flash Forward podcast, wait until you hear the recordings she surfaced of the ‘aquanauts,’ breathing a mixture of helium and oxygen, trying to call President Lyndon B. Johnson.”

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